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I Can / Social advertisement

Social advertisement "I Can" is dedicated to people with Down Syndrome.
Implemented by Formica Production
Branding by Formica Design

The video premiered on March 21 - World Down Syndrome Day, in a Moscow cinema.

The purpose of our video clip is to show that children with Down syndrome have all opportunities to live a full, normal life, to study to work, and even to create families. We just must give them that opportunity, surround them with care, love, and they will surely prove us that they CAN.

Here are our heroes:















  • Father Grigor Grigoryan and Monte - a future clergy man.















  • Actress, TV hostess Nazeni Hovhannisyan and future TV hostess Eliza















  • Nur (painter, sculptor and designer) and Vladimir - our future painter















  • Nazik Avdalyan (World weightlifting champion) and future weightlifter Sargis















  • Famous singer Arsen Grigoryan, "Sasna Tsrer" Folk Song and Dance Ensemble, and future dancer Iren. 















  • Chef Sedrak Mamulyan and future chef Ruzanna















  • Fashion designer Aram Nikolyan and future designer Haykanush.

About us

“Formica Art” production

Our credo is to organize such kind of special events, which will strengthen the image of customers. We are the «working ants», whom glamour firms forced to hire for implementing their pompous promises.


Our network profiles


Address: Raffi 99/1.1 Yerevan, 0064, Armenia
Office Phone: +37460 433 344
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Shahen Nazarenko
+374 91 43 33 44

Anna Karapetyan
Head of Marketing and Pr department
+374 91 733 554