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Soon “Matenadaran: The Images of Memory”

Matenadaran is one of the largest research centers in the world, which is already the seventh time brings together a number of leading specialists in the field of ancient manuscripts, archival documents and ancient books' preservation and restoration.

Formica Art Production has made a film “Matenadaran: The Images of Memory” and now works on the post-production of the film.

Soon the film “Matenadaran: The Images of Memory” will be presented to the public.


About us

“Formica Art” production

Our credo is to organize such kind of special events, which will strengthen the image of customers. We are the «working ants», whom glamour firms forced to hire for implementing their pompous promises.


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Address: Raffi 99/1.1 Yerevan, 0064, Armenia
Office Phone: +37460 433 344
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Shahen Nazarenko
+374 91 43 33 44

Anna Karapetyan
Head of Marketing and Pr department
+374 91 733 554