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Gutan Festival 2017

«Gutan» folk music and dance festival of Armenia will create a real fest for all of us this year too. The venue and date are unchanged: 19:00, September 28, Cafesjian Center for the Arts Garden /Cascade Garden/.

The festival is initiated and implemented by Honorary Artist of Armenia Arsen Grigoryan(Mrro),  with the support of Ministry of Culture of RA and Yerevan Municipality.

«Gutan» folk music and dance festival of Armenia is an annual event implemented since 2014 and is a great initiative that presents Armenian national culture correctly, and is aimed at the preservation, dissemination and transmission of Armenian folk music, dance and music through generations.

This year too Gutan Festival will be held in Artsakh on 3 October, 2017.

The slogan of the festival is: Preserve national songs and dances.

It's worth mentioning that Formica Art this year also supports Gutan Festival,

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Our credo is to organize such kind of special events, which will strengthen the image of customers. We are the «working ants», whom glamour firms forced to hire for implementing their pompous promises.


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