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4th Fresco starts on August 25

The program of Fourth Fresco International Festival of Modern Art and Spiritual Films will start on August 25 turning Armenia into cultural folk festival for 10 days.

Fresco will be held both in the heart of Yerevan and in historical places of regions. Different concerts, outdoor film screenings, master classes will be in Swan lake, in different parks of Yerevan and in cultural halls. ''Without ticket'' format events will become an inseparable part of the last 10 days of Armenian summer.

There is a surprise for nature lovers too. Tent movie camps of festival will be held in one of the beautiful places of Armenia. It will be in Haghpat, Sanahin, Haghartsin, Aghtala and Kobayr. These places are included in World's heritage of Lori. In these mysterious places cultural camp participants, tourists and inhabitants will have the opportunity to watch films of international cinematography, which deny ecological disasters, violence and preach humanism, peace, patriotism and try to recover family and spiritual values. There are 42 new movies from 25 countries in the movie list of Fresco 2017.

Haghpat's famous chief A. Kefilyan will introduce the participants and guests traditional culture of Armenian cuisine and will make an ''Agape''-the dinner of love.

Interesting meetings are expected for lovers of photography too. There will be organized master classes of photography in Yerevan and in regional camps. Israeli photographer Dmitry Brickman, who is already loved by Armenians, and Japanese photographer Hayato Matsumoto will introduce culture and traditions of their countries and will share their professional skills.

This year festival has a special program called ''Retrospective'', where the films of Ara Vahuni will be shown, who is one of the famous faces of Armenian intellectuals.

Documentary film professionals Audry Emerson(USA) and Pascal Gelinas (Canada) will give master classes for Armenian art's representatives and film-lovers.

It should be also mentioned, that as a tradition this year too, thousands of souvenirs of festival will be made by dedicated volunteers of festival, of course with the help of  Kharberd specialized orphanage students.

On August 23 and 24 Fresco's the best films from previous years will be shown in Swan Lake.

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