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"100 Ideas for Armenia"

Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs of RA introduced the national youth competition of innovative projects and technological development "100 Ideas for Armenia".


On 30 November, Yerevan State Chamber Theater hosted the award ceremony of the competition. The aim of the competition was to promote the development of innovative thinking among young people, the involvement of youth in the processes of decision-making for solving social and economic problems of the RA, to promote civic initiatives of realization and implementation of scientific and technological developments and innovative projects and of course the support of young professionals whose ideas can be applied in the economy and become a platform for the development of innovative technologies in different areas.


The winning projects of national youth contest "100 Ideas for Armenia" will participate in the international contest "100 ideas for the CIS" in 2018.


The program was implemented by the Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs and executed with the active participation Formica Art Production.



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