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“Fresco 2016” Summed Up the Results

The press conference, organized on August 29, announced the closing of the Fresco International Festival of Modern Art and Spiritual Films.  The organizers summed up the cultural commotion of the last 10 days, and represented the winners’ names.

This year, in Fresco film list were included 76 movies from 22 countries, and only 4 are Armenian.  The audience had a chance to watch movies not only in different close halls but under the open sky.   Open-air screenings were organized near Haghartsin monastery and in Swan Lake.

The jury of the film competition was the audience itself, they had a chance to evaluate movies on the papers prepared beforehand.

In the festival the films get prizes not for the professional qualities but due to their message and their impact on the audience.

The organizers created “The best message” number of awards, where there were separated some nominations symbolizing universal values. Besides the prizes for the films, the organizers represented 2 special awards. This year won prizes 10 films:

Special price of the festival for spreading “PEACE AND LOVE”-Ghevond Vardapet Hovhannisyan

Special price of the festival for spreading “HUMANISM”- Dmitry Brickman  

The best message LOVE              “And the Circus Arrived”  Guzh Tadevosyan (Armenia),

The best message LOVE              “Khio” Lilit Movsisyan (Armenia),

The best message LOVE               “Vanil” Juan Beiro     (Spain).

The best message COURAGE        “The Theft” Mohammad Farahani (Iran),

The best message COURAGE        “Tram to the Amusement Park” Evgeni Lalayev, Anastasia Gerasyuk  (Russia),

The best message FAITH             “The Chosen Ones” Natalia Belyaeva    (Ukraine, Russia),

The best message HOPE             “Until the End” William Eguienta (France),

The best message HUMANISM     “Cuerdas” Pedro Soli­s Garci­a (Spain),

The best message PEACE            “Lesson Unlearned 14/41” Nina Vedmitskaya (Russia),

The best message REGRET          “The Last Point” Viktoriya Kozeltseva  (Russia)

Guzh Tadevosyan, the director of the movie “And the circus arrived”, stated, that for him it is very important, that he won especially in the nomination “The Best message LOVE”.  The film has already won 15 international prizes, and this was the second prize with special meaning (message).

“Love is the most essential message of my film, and the thing, that in different edges of the world the story of the hero excites everyone in various ways, states that the movie touches their heart.  And that dialogue, I think, is the guarantee of the success of the film”.

All the events of the festival, their content and process show, that in this world still there is kindness and there are kind people.  I wish, that the commandments of kindness of Fresco will be continually”, stated Ghevond Vardapet Hovhannisyan.

Being faithful to the adopted social mission, the festival gives special attention to the participation of special groups in all stages of festival, and the prizes, according to tradition, were made by the children of Kharberd orphanage.

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